Lane Anne


About Lane

I really do love painting... a whole, whole lot. I went to college and started a major in fine art with absolutely no knowledge or experience. My hope was that since I didn't like anything else, maybe art could be a thing. And it did turn out to be a thing, a very big thing. I painted some of my first work during a difficult and transformative season in undergrad. Art spoke to me on a soul level, it helped my head connect to my heart, and gave me deep comfort and hope through its expression. And it still does.

I live in the beautiful and sunny state of Colorado in the heart of Denver. I work and paint at my studio in Aurora, CO, located in the back of a coffee roaster (Jubilee Roasting Co.). I love the person of Jesus; I plan to spend the rest of my life learning about who He is and painting as a reflection of it.


Most of the paintings I create speak to the tension felt in wanting to be grounded but also wanting to explore... everything. The paintings also speak to the balance of life in general; there is beauty amidst brokenness and control among chaos.

At a birds eye view I believe that art should always communicate an idea, an expression, or simply be something beautiful. When people experience art there is something to learn or feel, more than just something to look at. As an artist I believe that I must play a role to communicate what my work is about. I'd love to talk with you about it!